James Patterson – Cross Kill

review, novella, crime, bookshot

Handing out breakfast at a church school kitchen, Alex Cross and his partner John Sampson are surprised by shots coming from behind them. When they have a look, the cook and a nun are already wounded. Just seconds later, Alex and his partner are also under fire und John is seriously hurt. Alex got to see the assailant but cannot believe his eyes: Gary Soneji is back. A murderer he saw burn to death more than 10 years ago. This is just impossible. With his partner fighting for his life, Alex has to hunt him down on his own and is soon confronted with a whole army of Soneji fans who support their idol.
“Cross Kill” is a story from the new bookshots serious starring a well-known character in a short and fast-paced novella. Just like all the long crime novels by James Patterson, we have a thrilling story with Alex Cross under fire and at the edge. However, no side stories keep you from following the main story and you can simply enjoy in one sitting. Albeit the focus is on the story here, Patterson does not forget his characters and what I liked especially about this story is the fact that Alex Cross is not the ice-cold policeman here, he gets quite emotional and makes mistakes which nearly cost him his life. He seems to be much more human under those circumstances than we know him. All in all, I like the idea of the crime novellas and look forward to reading more of them.