James Patterson – The Trial

review, crime, novel, Women's Murder Club

Another legendary Women’s Murder Club meeting is disturbed: drug cartel boss Kingfisher has risen from the dead and caused a shooting in a night club. Detective Lindsay Boxer rushes to the crime scene and finds the man who tormented her for months arrested.  Yet, the police have to set up the case quickly, before the FBI can take over. But the witnesses are scared, nobody has seen anything. An anonymous video brings relief. But shortly before the trial can start, the prosecutor is murdered. Kingfisher and his men will do everything to prevent the case from taking place and whoever gets in their way has to fear for his life.

Another quick read from the bookshots series. The characters from the Women’s Murder Club series are quickly introduced at the beginning and their relationship is explained. However, in my opinion, this bookshot can easily be read without knowing anything about the series, it is only loosely linked and it is mainly Lindsay starring. Due to the limited number of pages, the plot moves at a high pace and renounces any side plots.  I like the focus on just one story and a straight way from the beginning to the end.  There are some interesting twists and some surprise at the end, but not too much suspense this time. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading it and it fulfilled my expectations.