Ruth Ware – The Lying Game

Ruth Ware – The Lying Game

A short message Isa Wilde had hoped would never come. „I need you “, is all it says. The young mother knows exactly who sent it, even without giving a name. It comes from the past, from the time, 15 years ago, when she was at Salton House, a boarding house for girls. Isa, Kate, Thea and Fatima were best friends in their short time together and an incident has bond them for life. Even if they haven’t seen each other since then, they know they cannot escape it. Isa has to go back, she cannot tell her husband the truth, because this would mean risking their life. She only takes her six-months-old daughter Freya with her and heads to confront the past. When the now women are reunited, Kate tells the others what has happened: bones have been found and their well-kept secret is threatened to surface after all these years.

“The Lying Game” is a game the four girls played when they were at school. They had five rules which function as titles for the chapters:

1) Tell a lie;

2) Stick to your story;

3) Don’t get caught;

4) Never lie to each other;

5) Know when to stop.

So it is quite obvious that many lies have been told and that this is where the key to the story lies. The scenes of the past are only told from Isa’s memories, so the reader only gets fragments, the things she remembers at that moment, and she obviously cannot tell what she does not know, what she has buried deep in her brain and what she refuses to think of. Therefore, you as a reader can only speculate about what the girls have done. When it comes out, I was about disappointed at first because I ranked the deed as not that grave considering their age. Yet, since I was only halfway through the novel, I was sure that more would be coming and I was not disappointed. Until the end, new facts were added to the story and I had to readjust my idea of what had happened several times.

Just like Ruth Ware’s novel “The woman in cabin 10”, I enjoyed reading this one. It is not a suspenseful thriller form the start which gives you the creeps throughout the whole story. It is much more a cleverly built psychological novel which makes you think about what you would do in the characters’ place. You can definitely feel the stress that especially Isa is exposed to, torn between her life in the present and a guilt from the past. There are scary situations, but luckily they do not come from bloody murders described in detail. It is playing on your nerves, the fact of keeping you in the dark about many things clearly supports this.

All in all, I like this kind of thrillers and relished reading it.


Ruth Ware – The Woman in Cabin 10

Ruth Ware – The Woman in Cabin 10
After haven been burglarized, travel journalist Laura is happy to board a luxury cruiser to Norway. The small ship can host only a very limited number of guest who immediately get to know each other. Woken in her first night by screams, Laura rashes to her balcony where she believes to have been witness to an atrocious crime: a body has been thrown over the railing. Nobody wants to believe her because the cabin next to hers is meant to be empty. She is sure to have met a young woman early in the afternoon. Laura follows the signs of this unknown passenger and soon finds herself in real danger. When she ignores all warnings, she suddenly finds herself locked up in dark room.
This thriller plays on the readers’ nerves. Starting with a scene in which the protagonist has to face an intruder in her apartment, you can imagine that her nerves are on edge. This makes it difficult to say if you believe her and her perception. Added to this her proneness to too much alcohol and antidepressants – you have to question her story at some point. This keeps you alert all the time, you look out for signs to decide if you are with her or against her. Cliff-hangers, twists and turns keep the plot going and do not give you any time to relax while reading.

I really enjoyed reading the novel. The protagonist is a strong character who definitely can trigger something in you (I can easily imagine that some readers will hate her, but nevertheless – this is also some emotion). The plot could convince me, it is all set and cleared up without leaving any questions unanswered and all could happen in reality. There is a lot of suspense and thrill – all you need for an entertaining page-turner.