J.T. Ellison – No One Knows

J.T. Ellison – No One Knows

Aubrey Hamilton has waited five years for her husband to come back. Since he left her one evening when they went to a party, he has not been seen and now his mother wants to have him declared dead. For Aubrey, it’s time to move on and when she meets Chase, she seems finally capable of doing so. Yet, when her stepbrother Tyler tells her about rumours he picked up in prison, Aubrey starts to question the situation anew: is Josh still alive, hiding somewhere? But why? Is there something about him being involved in illegal dealings of medication? And who is this man that approached her a couple of days ago? She saw him before, but does not remember when exactly…

J.T. Ellison’s mystery plays with the reader and thus is great fun to read. We have flashbacks which slowly reveal that there are different versions of what happened five years before and which sometimes put things into a completely different light. At times, you have to ask yourself which character you want to trust, all of them seem to hide something and you do not know if this is just a minor flaw or a major aspect. Providing us with Aubrey’s childhood was also interesting to read – even though you do not know how important the things she had to go through might become and which influence they have had on her.

However, I am not completely satisfied. A lot of things in the novel strongly reminded me of “Gone Girl” which I really enjoyed. Additionally, the end is completely unbelievable. It was just too much over the top to be credible and moreover, a lot of things went a bit too quick, especially compared to the slow pace we had before. All in all, I liked the novel and it was a pleasurable pastime with some unexpected twists and turns and many surprises concerning the characters.