Annabel Rivkin/Emilie McMeekan – I’m Absolutely Fine! A Manual for Imperfect Women

Annabel Rivkin/Emilie McMeekan – I’m Absolutely Fine! A Manual for Imperfect Women

The founders of the webpage ““, journalists and friends, have decided to spread their word also in print. Their look at women in the middle of their adulthood – thanks to experience now a lot more realistic than in their twenties, but also at a point where everyday stress and responsibilities often keep them from doing what they really want to do – is often funny, highly entertaining and most of all simply true. There is no need anymore to embellish anything, life is what it is when you have celebrated your fortieth birthday, yet, things aren’t too bad either.

I was quite astonished when reading the book by the sheer range of topics they address. From the job situation to motherhood, aches here and there and the question of finding the perfect – or at least a fitting partner – at that age, or simply not wanting to find one. All the memories and experiences you gathered, the mistakes you made, those you regret and other you are grateful for, dieting and getting finally rid of society’s dictation of how you have to look. Masses of lists not to be taken too seriously and more than once the realisation that they are talking about you.

It’s not a manual about how to live and what to do. It is much more a kind of inventory control of where women at that age are in life and the message is obvious (since it is already clearly visible in the subtitle): we are imperfect, but that’s ok. Written in a very light-hearted and joyful tone, a book that I thoroughly enjoyed.