Lisa Lutz – The Passenger

Lisa Lutz – The Passenger

Tanya DuBois‘ husband has had a domestic accident and dies. She is not responsible for his death but cannot call the police either, because she is not Tanya DuBois. After years of a quiet life, she is on the run again and needs a new identity. Tanya becomes Amelia, yet this new life does not last long. In a bar she meets Blue who recognises her immediately as somebody who shares her fate. After a major incident, the woman takes over Blue’s old name, Debra Maze, and retreats to the countryside where she believes to be secure for some time. However, no matter where she goes, her past catches up with her and she needs to move on. A new name and a new place is simply not enough to hide from what happened many years ago in her hometown. But things have changed there, too, and might she be able to come back to her real life?

“The Passenger”, for me, is not a hard-boiled thriller which keeps you always on the edge. It is a crime story in which the protagonist’s past is slowly revealed while she is getting into new trouble which she has to escape in different ways. Tanya DuBois is a strong character and seeing how she copes with every new hurdle, how she does not only adapt her outer appearance but also quickly can familiarise with a new place and the people there is quite entertaining. Most interesting for me was the way she picks her new identities and in this does not want to harm the people she betrays but only tries to live on. The solution of the case is convincing and has some extra twists to offer. All in all, the novel was quite a different kind of road trip with a protagonist who offers much more than you would expect in a thriller.