James Patterson – The Witnesses

James Patterson – The Witnesses

The Sanderson family have to hide. Lance and Susan were working in Tunisia when they were suddenly attacked. Now, they are back in the States and together with their two kids and Jason, their bodyguard, live in a small house in the suburbs. Yet, their enemies are on their way and their new neighbour is also suspicious and thinks there is some wrongdoing in their house which he puts under his surveillance. The rules are strict: nobody leaves the house, no cell phone and no Internet connection. When one of the kids gets bored, the family is in real danger.

This is already the fourth bookshot by James Patterson, this time without any link to one of his many crime series. As in the other short crime novels of this series before, I really liked the format. Less than 150 pages make it a really quick read but at the same time it does not lack any suspense or logic. We have story which is narrated with a clear focus on just the one plot, not side plots divert from it. In this case here, I found the idea of a family locked away for their own protection quite interesting. How they slowly struggle more and more with the situation and how they, at one point, cannot stand it anymore. I didn’t count on any real big surprises, but I was wrong, there are twists and turns which give the story another perspective. All in all, I enjoy this type of crime novel and James Patterson obviously also has a knack for the quick stories.