Emily Barr – Blackout

Emily Barr – Blackout

When Sophie wakes up, she knows something is wrong. But she falls asleep again before she can sort out things. When she wakes up next, she realizes that she is not in her bedroom, nothing looks familiar to her. The clothes she wears, the room around her and she feels sick. When she is strong enough to leave the bed, she finds out that she is in an attic and, to her surprise, the door is open and she can leave. She finds herself in Paris, but how did she get there from London? And how can she go back without money and a passport? But the most important question is: what happened between Sunday and today, Thursday?

Emily Barr’s quick read „Blackout“ plays we too very human fears: first of all, having a blackout, not remembering what happened during the last days, not knowing what to do, feeling completely lost. The second is the feelings Sophie has after giving birth to her baby: She does not recognize it as her baby, she cannot bond with it, she is ashamed that the baby she only perceives as a “creature” does belong to her. She had a certain expectation of what it would be when she becomes a mother and then the deep deception because nothing works out as planned.

Even if it is a rather short text, it is full of suspense and you are eager to find out what happened. The solution is convincing and thus, the whole novel is well-rounded crime story.