Muriel Spark – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Muriel Spark – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Marcia Blaine Academy for girls, a special place where young girls should be prepared for life. Miss Jean Brodie teaches her girls according to the latest methods – or what she believes is useful for her bunch. Miss Brodie is in her prime, her most valuable years in life and she enjoys travelling across Europe and telling the girls about her experiences. Only her love life is rather a tragedy, her fiancé died on the battlefield during WW I. The girls admire her and closely observe her relationship to the male teachers, but her colleagues and especially the headmistress only wait for their chance to get rid of the quite alternative teacher.

An acclaimed novel which could not get me at all. The puns are great and Muriel Spark’s writing is also really joyful to read, but the story did not really convince me. For my taste, it lacked development in the characters, most is just plainly presented and stated, hardly any subtleties can be found. This makes it all a bit too blunt and rarely appealing to me. I was looking for the undertones that I could not find, waiting for surprising twists and turns which did not come. So, I am mostly disappointed by it. It actually took me three times to finally reach the end, even though it is quite a shirt text – I should have been warned.