Matthew Costello – Final Cut

Matthew Costello – Cherringham: Final Cut

Big Hollywood in small Cherringham: a film team has set up its camp to shoot a historical drama in the lovely British village. The lead is taken over by Zoë, a rising star and beautiful young woman. When a series of suspicious accidents happen, the crew gets nervous, not only because they are already far behind schedule but also because the actors are concerned: is it really just bad luck or is somebody trying to sabotage the shooting? When Zoë’s life becomes actually endangered, Sarah and Jack are asked to have a look not only on her, but also on the set. But the traitor has already set up his final plan…

Episode 17 in the cosy crime series comes with a completely new environment: the film set located outside the village which this time does not play a role at all. Also the protagonists Sarah and Jack have to step back behind the rising stars. Thus, the overall story about those two does not continue which is a bit a pity, since this is often more interesting to see  than the actual plot. This time, the solution comes not completely out of nowhere but it cannot be foreseen and at least for me, the motivation behind is not totally convincing. Therefore, one of the weaker episodes of the series.